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alisha moe
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Wednesday, June 24th, 2009
9:33 pm
Man oh man I used to FLIP over thesis...now its OVER! Band Space is finally up and running for your viewing pleasure. bannedbandspace.com check it out when you have the time :) So what to update everyone on. Well since I finally finished grad school I am bored out of my mind. It's job hunting time and the economy blows :( this is probably the worst time to graduate. Free-lance...here I come. I've worked on a few projects here and there (putting up Band Space and now working on my brother clothing line website as well as being one of his promotional models) but I really want a full time job. Boyfriend and I are getting a house together so I really need to save my pennies. My neighbors now are Rhian and Cara (they live downstairs). We talked about moving in together before but never really thought it would happen lol. But now I'm leaving. Even though its only five minutes down the road I'm still a little sad...but happy that the boyfriend and I are making moves for the better:) We will still make time for tea! THERE'S ALWAYS TIME FOR TEA! One of my pledge sisters is getting married this weekend :D I'm packing my stuff now and hitting the road to Pittsburgh bright and early tomorrow! I'm really excited to see everyone! Welp, time for work (still bartending) I hope an awesome computer graphic design job comes my way soon! I'm not looking forward to pay back all of my student loans! (yeah...I'll be in debt till I'm eighty).
Saturday, February 7th, 2009
6:28 pm
6:14 pm
thesis...thesis...and more thesis
So my thesis is actually going along pretty well...I have another band interested in being a part of my project. So far I'm right on schedule...it's crazy to think that i have already been in grad school for almost 2 years...that's a long time! but within those years I have definitely grown up A LOT. I really love doing what I do even though it gets a little hard sometimes but when I look at the final product when its finished...i cant help but to smile and think to myself "I did that" haha I'm being all sentimental now but its TRUE haha. Tonight Katie and I are going out...a night much needed after this week of hard work...not to mention katie has been a little busy bunny herself too so she's itching to get out! jose and jamo shots will be had...but lets not forget the 8 glasses of water that I like to inhale when i go out. I swear, whenever i go out or when i'm working i tend to fill my requirements when it comes to drinking 8 glasses of water a day haha. I just cant shoot em down like I used too...college years were definitely my glory days when it came to going out to fraternity parties and winning 1283429 games of beer pong with my PiC trah. I do miss those days...but I will never forget them :) I'm glad that I had a great social life in college. The friends that I have made will be friends that will stay in my life forever...any way....back to thesis hahah speaking of which...its time to get back to work! ciao for now!
Friday, January 2nd, 2009
1:57 pm
life is good
new years was crazy...haha im glad that we are in 2009 its a brand new year with a brand new attitude! im going through the last few months of my grad school career in full force! its time to get my thesis under control. two bands are done and i have three more to go...there will be a lot of video editing but im looking forward to it...i just want everything to come together nicely.
Saturday, November 29th, 2008
6:17 pm
show time
Video taping a band practice is a lot of work! i have a lot of footage to work with and i know its going to take forever to edit but i have to remember its for thesis...and the more the better. Rhi and cara are in a country band named Phoenix and their show is TONIGHT. I wanted to capture the frustrations and the intensity of what a band goes through before a show....so taping the practice is key! tonight will be crazy when the band is put to the test. they have to showcase all of their hard work in an enticing fashion. the energy needs to be there and i want to capture the whole thing! i hope this documentary comes out wonderful! did i mention that their show is at a bar??? awesome atmosphere for a country band in my opinion! their songs are well known songs so i cant wait to tape everyone singing along and dancing to the jams! AWESOME!
Monday, November 24th, 2008
7:59 pm
so this is it
My last year of graduate school at RIT is going well...i got a 3.5 this past quarter so im feeling quite proud of myself! Its going to be a long year filled with thesis and band interviews not to mention the coding and video editing...long long hours at the lab...this is my life until i graduate in may...90 credits is very long program and i'm starting to feel the effects! i have two weeks off and ive never been more grateful. I went to the adirondacks with chris this past week for a romantic get away...absolutely freezing yet beautiful to see the mountains coated with a thick sheet of snow. after the adirondacks chris, joe and i went to pittsburgh to enjoy the Steelers home game! it was so exciting!! my first NFL experience at Heinz field is something that i will never forget! this past week was awesome! now i have one more week left of break and i want to spend it in rochester! i went out with the girls and had a blast!!!! its a great time whenever i hang out with my girls...we cause all sorts of riots and have a great time doing it! next quarter is going to be crazy but im looking forward to getting started with my thesis and really learning a lot!
Saturday, August 23rd, 2008
4:43 pm
end of summer beginning of school
so one more year left of school until i graduate with my masters in computer graphic design...wow!!!! i wonder if i can get a PhD in what i do so then i can go back to school and not pay my 824908324093 dollar student loan bill! that would be wonderful! all i need now is a brand new computer thats fully loaded with all of the up to date programs and i am set for my career life! ugh i cant even imagine having a 9 to 5 job everyday of my life. im used to working at night and bartending and hanging out with my friends...things are going to change now...everyone is fresh out of school and thirsty for their dream job...im sure they would do anything to get it...even if that forced them to move:-( what the F! i hate growing up sometimes! ANYWAY! i LOVE my new apartment with my boyfriend! absolutely beautiful :-) not to mention the lovely bats that get in every once in a while! MY GOODNESS! so my boyfriend chris and i are sitting in our living room just chatting about random stuff and we see something fluttering in our light fixture. thinking maybe that it was just a moth that flew in earlier that day we didnt pay much attention to it...only until we see little claws and a tiny head peaking through the light fixture did we scream and run out! "just put the cat in there! she'll kill it!" chris screams..."ummmm let me think about that one...NO!" i say as im holding the door closed (thank goodness all of our rooms have doors!) so we sit there and think about what we could possibly do to get this bat out of our living room...."Joe is having a bbq..." chris reminds me. what a brilliant man i thought...we can get a drunk kid to do it! so we run over to joes BBQ and tell joe, bobby and anthony about the situation...drank some liquid courage and headed back to the apartment. with a sheet and a lacrosse stick we sneak in to the living room. "There it is!" squeals anthony as he slowly backs out of the living room. here i am video taping the whole episode on joes phone as bobby swings the lacrosse stick to capture the bat and then trapping him on the floor...boyfriend grabs a piece of paper and places it under the stick to prevent the bat from escaping. we brought him out side and released him into the wild! it was a quite a tear jurker...i was happy that we released the bat until yesterday when we found another one in our bedroom...this time boyfriend went in there with rage and swung the lacrosse stick...i couldnt watch so i shut the door and let him go to town! it was sad but we couldnt have another one living in our apartment! blah... more to write later gail is here and we are going to have some tea!!!!
Sunday, June 15th, 2008
5:39 pm
summa time
year one of grad school is over...what a rough year. ive been through so much but im so glad that its finally summer. what can i update everyone on...hmmm. well the boyfriend and i are moving in together :-) i was going to settle down in my own place on harvard street but the surprising question came just a day later after i filled out my application to sign a lease. chris asked me to move in with him and him and i found a place on rowly street. its a really nice three bedroom apartment. ivy will have plenty of space to run around haha. i love my damn cat. the sad news is that heather had to put muffin to sleep the other day :-( the vet thought that he had cancer and there was nothing that they could do. it was really sad...i cried when i thought about it...he was only a year old :-( rest in peace muffles... i can tell that cookie and ivy knew when he wasnt around that something had happened. even though he annoyed the shit out of the girls they still loved him. wow i am such a cat lady but i really love them! other news...katie moved to arizona :-( but she will always be my darts partner:-) cara came home for the week and rhi is coming home on the 18th! ive missed those girls so much! jessica and heather are starting a cleaning lady business which is awesome! other than that im still working away at ocalls having some good ol times with a bottle jamo and my peeps...good times good times. i dont want to face the real world yet...this time next summer i will have a full time job...bla! oh well...happy fathers day im off to grab my dad a card and take him out to din din :-)

myrtle beach vacation is in auguest. cant wait!
Saturday, April 12th, 2008
4:45 pm
its april!
Time is FLYING! i can't believe how fast this school year is going. My first year as a grad student is almost done! its been a rough year. the winter quarter was probably the worst quarter ever! the question of whether i wanted to be in the computer graphic design program or not kept floating around in my head. but now i know that this is what i want to do. i have my first real client! well, he is a friend of mine that just opened up a pizza shop right across the street from ocallaghans. he wanted me to design a logo for Big Deal Pizzeria. the name is a little corny i know but the logo itself looks pretty good. i hope everyone likes it! since its my first job im not too sure what to charge. its a little hard considering the fact that ive never done this before and also because he is one of my friends...i guess i will have to ask around. The boyfriend and i are doing really well! the "i love you's" have been introduced into our relationship. im really happy...im glad that i have found someone who really values the importance of being together. Cal u vacation was amazing! derrick and LP came down with me. it was so weired thinking about how 3 years ago they came to visit cal u. i was in such a different part of my life...just joining the sorority...going out to parties...having parties at my place...it was a really fun time but also a growing experience. we talked about the "boy fan" and how we had bandannas and hats from our guy friends and we hung it up on the fan in our living room. we also had the endless amounts of zima's chilling on our tv stand. keyster and key key were one of our first kegs...its so strange to think about fun times in the past and how when you get older all you seem to do is talk about the past...i miss cal u a lot! i do like being home and being with my old friends as well as making new ones...but its just not the same. i guess im just getting older...meh...on a lighter note im going back to cal u for greek week! i hope i get to see EVERYONE! i miss my sisters...lewis...virginia...my uniontown boys...im glad that the weather is getting nicer :-) it always puts me in a better mood!
Saturday, March 1st, 2008
10:09 pm
finals are over!
YAYYY finals are DONE! this was a rough quarter...partly because of the weather...yeah im going to blame my laziness on the weather! but im glad that its over with! i only get a week off for break so im going to attempt to make the best of it. my bank account lacks the green though so i need to be careful with how much i spend and what i spend it on...i cant depend on my credit card forever! anywho...im getting ready to go to ocalls to see the boyfriend...he works the back bar on saturday nights. im really enjoying working there...its like a huge family :-) this girl laura who i used to work with over at sports page came out with me last night and we started the night off at ocalls and then went downtown for a bit. we meet a really cool cab driver names bejan. he was the shiznit! we ended the night at sports page to say hello to todd who was working. it was an all around good time. my friend katie is joining the air force which is AMAZING. she definitely needs to get out of rochester and get her life in order and i think the air force will help her with that. well im going to run and get some hair spray to put the hair up hahah so i will sign off for now. i definitely need to write more so stay tuned :-)
Thursday, January 31st, 2008
9:57 pm
its getting down to the wire
so im catching up in school. ive been so unmotivated lately that i fell behind in my school work. i really want to blame the weather for my short attention span and lazy mannerisms. at least now i can take a breath and feel accomplished. i realized today how much i miss cal u though...i was standing in line at javas waiting to order the usual cherry chocolate coffee with an everything bagel smothered in cream cheese...i saw a guy and a girl laughing over a random thing that happened earlier that day. even though it was the most pointless conversation that i have ever heard it brought me back to junior year. lewis and i would guzzle down countless cups of coffee and talk about everything and anything! i looked down at my bagel and thought for a moment that i was sitting with trah at yum yum bagels talking about the crazy drunkin adventures that we had the night before. and as i walked with my coffee and bagel in my hand back to class i ventured back in time yet again to the random walks that virginia and i had around uniontown pointing out the old hang out spots. its insane how much i have been through in the past 5 years. i still dont know what the future has in store...im scared...and i miss a lot of people in PA.
Wednesday, January 16th, 2008
7:11 pm
Can i just take a few easy breaths and realize that analyzing too much can screw things up? i guess im still a little shaky from the previous relationship that i was in and its carrying over to my current relationship. katie tells me that each person is completely different...i cant base everything off of this guy or that guy...i just have to realize that analyzing too much is not a good thing...taking it one day at a time seems to be the solution. tonight will be my first over night in the lab. i have a project to work on and im still in the beginning stages of organization. the fact that i have to bartend tonight is not really helping my current situation...right after work i have to cruise on over to RIT to finish this project. in a way i work better in the evening than during the day...i guess its because my sleep schedule is a bit sloppy and im up until 5am pretty much every night. not that im complaining...i just feel like a bum sleeping all day. im beginning to think that others around me see me as a slacker when really im getting all of my work done...im just doing my work at a random hour
Saturday, January 12th, 2008
1:09 pm
its been forever!
Its been so long since i have posted an entry in here. updates...hmmm well i have a boyfriend! its still fresh so im trying to take things slow. i feel like im still a little messed up from my previous relationships but i have to realize that not everyone is the same. i dont want to get hurt again...and i know that im going to have doubts nestled in to the back of my head...sigh... in other news grad school is kicking my ass! i feel so unmotivated and im wishing that i took a year off to just relax before jumping back into things. im just tired...maybe ill nap...yeap! p.s. katie and i have been hanging out like nonstop! ocallaghans is a never ending shit show and i love it! not only because i work there but because everyone that goes there is so laid back. everyone i work with is family to me. its a good fit...better than what sports page had to offer. i do miss some people over there though. i went to visit and take a shot a few nights ago and todd and i caught up..it was fun. okay...nap time!
Monday, November 12th, 2007
9:43 am
first quarter is done!
SO the first quarter of my graduate career is over! only 5 more to go in this two year program. My eyes are on fire...my back is hunched over...and my ass is numb from sitting in front of a computer screen for 10 weeks straight. I really don't want to set eyes on another adobe computer program for the next 3 weeks of my break. work is starting to become fun though...i mean i always have fun...but im starting to hang out with the other employees a lot lately and it feels like we are a small family. we constantly pick on each other and have fun at the same time...its awesome. Im traveling BACK to cal u in a few weeks with the boys (kevin and aric) again to see everyone. this time it will be a little different because...well um...its not homecoming and everyone will be a little less intoxicated and well rested hahah. homecoming was fantastic though...i forgot what a great time i used to have. i know that i would not be able to survive another year at cal u though...and im sure my liver would be kicking me as well. other things in my life include family drama and the fact that thanksgiving will probably never be the same...i have a lot to deal with when it comes to my family and the only reason why i loose sleep over the drama is because i care so much. i just hope everything works out. time to exit this lab for the time being...i'll write soon.
Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007
4:50 pm
oh my
im trying to come up with some logos for a band that i know and im pulling my hair out! i guess im just overtired from working the first part of the week and going to school...i havent been getting much sleep and my appetite is almost nonexistent. i have a lot to deal with when it comes to my family life and on top of that trying to take care of some inner emotions that need to disappear immediately. i find myself drifting off most of the time causing my focus to skew...im trying to get back on track but when it comes to thinking about where i'll be a few months or even years from now...i keep running backwards to avoid what the future may or may not bring. listening to music is literally my only escape from outside obstacles...i dont want to think about my family life...i dont want to think about that certain someone...i dont want to think about where i'll be in the future...i just want to wake up and live right now...

Current Mood: confused
Sunday, September 30th, 2007
10:03 pm
my weekend
this weekend was pretty nice! aric and i went downtown friday night to meet up with kevin, aj, jamie, and danny, who was in town for the weekend. we went downtown and met up with my brother at pig n wistle...after that we rolled over to sohos and a-pub live...the worst cover band was playing but it was still a good time! gitzies is so much fun by the way...going with the boys there on wednesday night was HILARIOUS! ive never seen so much food off of kevins plate and onto the table...not to mention aric finished off two garbage plates and the eggs that i was eating haha. saturday i went out with the roomies to jeremiaghs and talked about halloween outfits...im going to be a naughty graphic designer lol. plus, i work on halloween, thank goodness...so i will be making A LOT of money that night bartending. after drinks with the roomies i headed over to kevs to hang out...the rest of the weekend was very chill...movie nights were a big part of it. im really worried about one of my friends though. i feel as though my friend doesnt want the help but so desperately needs it but cant step down on his pride to actually receive it. he keeps a lot of things inside...its not healthy...i just hope i can be there for him...or rather him let me be there to help him out. i dont know...he doesnt realize that he has a lot of amazing people around him that are holding out their hands to help him up...he just has to take our hands...
Sunday, September 23rd, 2007
6:22 pm
walk confidently
they say to walk confidently in the direction i want to go
only to find that my fears are hidden in my own shadows
how can i stop thinking and analyzing too much
on which direction that i should walk towards and confidently trust
you make it hard for me to fully understand
when you turned around and decided to take my hand
i cant even think straight, wipe that smile off of your face
are you happy that things are this way
trust takes a while and decisions take even longer
i should walk the other way to see if it makes me any stronger
ill grab my fears by the roots and pull them out
throw them at you only to get rid of your doubt
now that you know what im fully talking about
ill walk the direction that i want to go
you can either walk away or you can attempt to follow...
Sunday, September 16th, 2007
9:45 pm
my weekend
it was SO MUCH FUN this weekend. friday night i was just insanely plastered and stayed up until 5am. ohhh my saturday jessica, gail, leah and i had a girls night and decided to go downtown. my goodness we had so much fun dancing like idiots in the middle of the dance floor at club syxx...and coyote joes. i saw this guy that i work with and he bought me a shot of whiskey...ugh! my one friend jamie was working the bar at coyote joes which was pretty cool because we got to do a bunch of barbie shots for half off...i love that shizit. today i was able to catch up with bug and unload my heavy bag of worries...weve been friends for so long and im so happy that shes in my life. its still weird to me that she is married already because i still think of us as 12 years old hanging out and making ramen noodles in penbrooke..but we are all getting older and unfortunately we have more responsibility. welp to bed i go...i have school tomorrow at an early hour and i need to sip on some green tea and drift off...till then

Current Mood: content
Thursday, September 13th, 2007
9:34 pm
sometimes i wish life was just a giant movie and i could fast forward through all of the drama and bad acting along with the unwanted plot to get to the ending where everything is happy and all problems are resolved...unfortunately to make a movie interesting its inevitable that the chaos has to be included. my dad is moving...once again...and for reasons that would blow your mind away. the ex step mom is back in the picture for a second chance which, to tell you the truth, could possibly be a good thing. she was a part of my life for so long and her and i are close friends...then again...my dad is living with someone else who found out about it...if you catch my drift. i dont understand people sometimes. on a good note ive been working a lot and have been making a killer in tips. grad school is getting hectic but thats to be expected...i have so much shit to deal with right now and ive already broke down once...i just need to get my head together and try to focus on school...its just hard because family comes first
Thursday, September 6th, 2007
4:33 pm
wednesday night
wow i have never had so much fun bartending in my life! last night was crazy! first off, all of the guys that i work with found out that i was single again and practically teased me the whole time hahah. Roman called me his future ex wife and requested my favorite song on the music box to make me feel better...the body shots came early and we pulled random girls from the bar to lay on the body shot mat...thats right we got one of those haha instead of doing the typical "blow job" shot or the "buttery nipple" shot they put straight up jameson on this girls belly! it was insane! not to mention i was extremely drunk on the job...i nearly fell over pouring a shot for this kid and told him to pretend that he didnt see anything. my shirt was a good attraction as well only because the saying "im a virgin...but this is an old shirt..." my favorite comment of the night..."how old IS that shirt?!?" lolol oh my i danced my ass off as well...and nothing cute...it was straight up robot and backing it up with my ass...fantastic!
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